water stop PVC

water stop PVC

Parto Waterstop is a type of waterstop based on polyvinyl chloride raw materials (grade 1 PVC) with high thickness and flexibility, which is used in the construction of water structures to prevent water from penetrating into the structure and water leaving. PVC waterstops are produced in flat, hollow, insole and dumbbell types.


“Parto-Waterstop has a wide range of applications, including: ” Sealing pools and septic tanks Sealing tunnels, dams and water tanks Sealing water transmission lines and canals Repair of elements with water leakage Prevent water from passing through executive and expansion joints Eliminate leakage of structures below groundwater level Joints of concrete structures are exposed to hydrostatic pressures and in direct contact with water


High flexibility Sufficient engagement with concrete Excellent tensile strength Resistant to alkaline environment of concrete Resistance to cold and frost Resistance to alkalis and acids Maintain performance and efficiency equal to the life of concrete Designed in different shapes and sizes Resistance to the invasion of chemical agents and corrosive salts Ability to seal and make the sections impermeable


This product is offered in 20 and 25 meter rings.

Typical properties

physical state PVC tape Color otange-yellow density ۱.۳ kg/L Tensile strength ۱۲.۵ MPA Percentage of elongation ۳۷۰% * The mentioned data are obtained based on the latest controlled laboratory tests.


This product can be evaluated based on the following standards CRD-C572 و ISIRI 13277

application guidline

Place the tape right in the middle of the seam. Place the tape right in the middle of the seam. Avoid drilling the waterstop during installation. Usually the width of the waterstop should be equal to the thickness of the installation section. Waterstop tape is placed at the seams using special clamps and wires. For low altitudes, thin waterstops are used, and for high altitudes and high pressures, thick waterstops and two dumbbell heads are used.


After selecting the type of waterstop based on the use and available water pressure, waterstop clamps are used to fix the waterstop in sections. Waterstop clamps are fasten per meter of waterstop length of at least 4 and in a zigzag connection to the upper and lower sections of the bar and finally the reinforcement wires were used, and then the clamps to the reinforcements were fasten. To connect the waterstops to each other, use the waterstop welding method (welding machine and PVC electrodes or waterstop welder).

storage and shelf life

Parto Waterstop is maintaned in closed packaging and away from direct rays of sun and ice situation. in the case of above situation, the useful life of the product is 12 months from the date of production.

health and safety

No special arrangements are needed to install this substance. If swallowed, be sure to see a doctor

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