synthestic fibers


synthestic fibers

Synthetic macrofibers are long polymer fibers with excellent physical and chemical properties that can replace reinforcement. Due to their high level of interaction with concrete, in addition to forming a homogeneous mixture, composite fibers greatly enhance the energy absorption property of hardened concrete.


” Synthetic fibers can be substituted for rebars and thermal meshes in all concrete works that aim to further control long-term cracks in concrete, including:” Shotcrete performance Concrete pavement and roller concrete Flooring of parking lots and garages Concreting steel deck roofs Flooring of factories and industrial workshops Flooring of commercial centers and large shopping centers Manufacture of concrete components exposed to corrosive environments Flooring of warehouses, docks and loading areas Manufacture of prefabricated concrete parts, traverses, tables, etc.


Reducing concrete permeability Increasing the durability and life of concrete Increasing the ductility and energy of concrete Increasing resistance to crack propagation Reduction and control of long-term cracks in hardened concrete Ease of use just by adding fibers to fresh concrete Increasing resistance to impact and dynamic loads


This product is offered in 4 kg bags.

Typical properties

physical state philaments color white density ۰.۹۵ kg/L tensile strength ۴۰۰ MPa elastic modulus ۳.۵ GPa longitunal diversity ۴۰ mm, 50 mm, 60 mm melt point ۱۹۰ degree centigrade chloride ion no * The mentioned data are obtained based on the latest controlled laboratory tests.

application guidline

Be careful in weighing this product. The choice of fiber length depends a lot on the application site and the requirements of the project. Get advice from Partak experts. If the maximum nominal size of aggregates exceeds 32 mm, be sure to contact Partak concrete experts.


This product can be added to the concrete at the ready batching concrete site (provided that the distance to the concreting site is not large) or inside the mixer truck (provided the mix is sufficient). Adding this product to concrete is not a special point and you just have to make sure that the fibers are completely spread over the entire volume of concrete. By adding this product to concrete, we will see a drop in slump and the so-called gasification of concrete, so it is recommended to use Partak superplasticizers when using synthetic fibers.

storage and shelf life

Synthetic is maintaned in closed packaging and away from direct rays of sun and ice situation. in the case of above situation, the useful life of the product is 12 months from the date of production.

health and safety

there is not need for special actions but for observing safty actions, it is better to use protection gloves and eye glasses. In case of direct contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water and see a doctor. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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