Super lubricant with high slump retention properties

Super lubricant with high slump retention properties

superplast 304 is a liquid superplasticizer based on polycarboxylate polymer technology, which is used in special concrete projects, especially where the goal is to achieve normal strength and prevent slump loss in the long run.


“SP 304 is used as a super-reducing product with high slump retention power in the manufacture of concretes that require very high slip retention properties. ”


Maintaining very high concrete performance in long distances between the construction site and concrete discharge Maintaining slump for about 90 minutes with normal clotting time Possibility of making self-compacting concrete in long distances (SCC) Achieve a very high ultimate resistance Improved pumpability and concrete polishing Reduce permeability, increase compaction and long-term durability of concrete Excellent improvement of concrete quality by reducing the ratio of water to cement


The SP304 is available in 20 liter gallons, 220 liter barrels and 1100 kg tanks.

Typical properties

physical state liquide color yellow-orange special weight @ 25°C ۱.۰۸ – ۱.۱۱ pH ۵.۰ – ۷.۰ chloride ion no * The mentioned data are obtained based on the latest controlled laboratory tests.


This product can be evaluated based on the following standards ASTM C 494, EN 934, ISIRI 2930

application guidline

The recommended dose of this product is 0.3-1% by weight of cement. It is possible to change the consumption dose from the specified range for projects with special workshop conditions, only with the permission of Partak concrete technology experts.


The best way to use it is to add SP 304 after adding 80% of the total water to the fresh concrete mix. That is, a state in which all solid particles (aggregates and cement) have reached a wet state. Avoid adding material directly to cement and dry materials. SP 304 is compatible with all types of Portland cement, microsilica and slag. If you need to use some additives, be sure to contact Partak Concrete Technology.

storage and shelf life

superplast 304 is maintaned in closed packaging and away from direct rays of sun and ice situation. in the case of above situation, the useful life of the product is 12 months from the date of production.

health and safety

there is not need for special actions but for observing safty actions, it is better to use protection gloves and eye glasses. In case of direct contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water and see a doctor. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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