paste tile adhesive

PartoTILE-125Q چسب کاشی خمیری

paste tile adhesive

PartoTILE-125Q, yüksek performans ve yapışma özelliğine sahip, kullanıma hazır bir fayans yapıştırıcısıdır. Bu ürün mükemmel yapışma özelliğine sahiptir ve ince bir tabaka olarak uygulanabilme kabiliyetine sahiptir ki geleneksel bulamaç yönteminin yerini alacaktır.


The PartoTILE-125Q has a wide range of applications, including: Install tiles, stones, ceramics and mosaics on all types of surfaces Installation of ceramics and stones in large parts and dimensions in the interior and exterior of the building


Ease and speed in execution Resistant to moisture Applicable in vertical and horizontal planes Possibility to move tiles up to minutes after installation “Excellent adhesion with desirable properties, low odor ” “Good adhesion with desirable properties against water ” Dough properties and very high adhesion to all types of surfaces Proper flexibility against vibrations and limited movements of the building Ability to operate on healthy and clean surfaces without the effects of grease and without cracks and slack


This product is offered in 5, 12 and 25 kg buckets.

Typical properties

physical state paste color white density ۱.۶ kg/L Primary adhesion resistance morer than 2 megapascal installing opportunity (23°c) ۲۰ minutes * The mentioned data are obtained based on the latest controlled laboratory tests.

technical information

This product can be evaluated by EN 12004 and ISIRI 12492 standards.

application guidline

“The adhesive should be applied with a toothed trowel. ” Under normal temperature and humidity conditions, the maximum run time is 20 minutes. The best temperature for the adhesive to dry is above 15 ° C. If the temperature is below 10 degrees, warm the environment before running. Tile adhesive must have the right concentration to install the tile. If there is an old tile glaze at the execution site, the glaze should be removed locally. The high thickness of the adhesive during application will cause the tile to slip and not dry in time. The unevenness of the surface under the work should be determined by the ingot and the surface level before execution and by using concrete glue and cement coating. The concentration should be such that the adhesive adheres to the tile at the moment and does not separate easily, after separating the back of the tile is contaminated with the adhesive. It is recommended to run this product at an ambient temperature of 10 to 35 degrees Celsius and the temperature of the mixture during the run should not exceed 30 degrees. In cold weather and places where the height of the tile is high, install the ceramic in two or more stages with an interval of at least 6 hours. If the surface layer of the adhesive dries, spatula again before installing the tile. Hard paste tile adhesive causes the tile not to stick completely. International standards do not recommend paste adhesives for use inside pools and surrounding walls and open spaces, as well as tiling beach buildings. Hard tile adhesive causes dry porcelain and the implementation of tiles with high thickness, and this makes it impossible to glue the tile under pressure, and the thickness of the adhesive shrinks after drying and causes the tile to separate.

storage and shelf life

PartoTILE-125Q is maintaned in closed packaging and away from direct rays of sun and ice situation. in the case of above situation, the useful life of the product is 12 months from the date of production.

health and safety

there is not need for special actions but for observing safty actions, it is better to use protection gloves and eye glasses. In case of direct contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water and see a doctor. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

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