mortar antifreezer

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mortar antifreezer

AF-2 is a mortar antifreeze additive (chlorine free) that by speeding up the hydration process leads to accelerate the taking time and raising the temperature of the mortar. Also, by completing the reaction of water and cement, it prevents free water from remaining in the mortar and thus prevents the mortar from freezing.


AF-2 is used by the aim of increasing freezing resistance, increasing the durability and strength of mortar in cold and icy weather.


Acceleration in the hydration reaction of cement Increasing the heat production of the mortar Acceleration in the initial taking time Facilitating the operational process such as tiling, mosaic, bricklaying, plaster, etc. in cold and icy weather


AF-2 is provided in gallones with 20 liter capacity, 220 liter capacity and reservoirs with 1100 capacity.

Typical properties

physical state: liquid color: transparent yellow special weight @ 25°C: ۱.۰۱ – ۱.۱۲ chloride ion: NA *the mentioned data are achieved based on the final laboratory controlled tests


دوز مناسب این محصول ۳ تا ۵ درصد وزنی سیمان است.
امکان تغییر دوز مصرف از محدوده مشخص شده برای پروژه های با شرایط خاص کارگاهی، فقط با مجوز کارشناسان تکنولوژی بتن پارتاک امکان پذیر می باشد.

application guidline

The suitable dose of this product is 3 to 5% by weight of cement.


the best method of use: addingAF2 after adding stone materials and cement and 80% of water mixture to cement. Also, in cases where the time interval between manufacturing and pouring of concrete is long, it is suggested that the gel product ofAF2 can be added in two stages that a part is batching and another part as dossage is added about 3 minutes before use in the mixer truck. The required time for complete mixing of the gel is 3 to 5 minutes. “AF2 is compatible with all tips of portland cement and slag ” if it is necessary to use several additive material, it should be contacted to Partak cement technology section

storage and shelf life

AF2 is maintaned in closed packaging and away from direct rays of sun and ice situation. in the case of above situation, the useful life of the product is 12 months from the date of production.

health and safety

there is not need for special actions but for observing safty actions, it is better to use protection gloves and eye glasses. In case of direct contact with skin or eyes, rinse immediately with water and see a doctor. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).
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